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-Fixed Acid Fog, so targets already in the cloud would not get same, fixed damage (now, damage is rolled for each target). Fortitude save is also removed for those targets (since it didn't do anything)
-Aura of Glory spell will not anymore apply Charisma bonus to party members and won't add fear save bonus to caster (since Paladin is already immune to fear)
-Aura of Vitality won't stack with itself anymore, to prevent gaining extra HP with every successive casting of this spell
-Fixed Bane to have correct 60sec/lvl duration, instead of just 20sec
-Fixed Banishment, so it affects targeted area properly, instead of similarly sized area centered on the caster
-Fixed Battletide (including Warpriest version), so it gets properly dispelled (caster won't keep attack/damage bonus). Also, spell won't stack with itself anymore, by giving two area effects
-Fixed Blade Barrier (Self), so it gets properly dispelled (no immobilized caster after dispelling blades)
-Several fixes to Bigby Hand line of spells:
*now they will take into account size increasing spell effects when calculating grapple or bull rush checks
*only Grasping and Crushing Hand will not stack with each other (since both would grapple the target)
*fixed a bug when Clenched Fist would end prematurely (usually after casting some other spell)
*fixed an issue when Crushing Hand targets were able to move a bit every 6 seconds (even with successful grapple checks)
*to prevent a bug with gaining metamagic effects when they are not supposed to happen, removed Empower and Maximize calculations from Clenched Fist and Crushing Hand spells (not really a problem, since they are of too high level to gain those effects anyway)
-Fixed Body of the Sun, so that saving successfully from its damage won't make other targets in area get even less damage
-Removed doubled saves from Bombardment spell (now, a single Reflex save protects from both damage and knockdown). Also, if damage is evaded, target won't get "0 damage applied" message
-Fixed Clouldkill to properly apply Constitution damage (previously, if multiple targets were affected, damage would be greatly reduced for some of them). Also, if there are any creatures immune to poison in area, it won't stop spell anymore from applying damage to other targets
-Fixed a bug, when Cloud of Bewilderment would always affect targets immune to poison, instead the opposite. Also, spell resistance won't be checked multiple times for targets already affected by this cloud
-Fixed Color Spray, so it doesn't make higher-level creatures fall asleep (only those with HD of 1 or 2 should fall asleep now). Also, blindness version won't affect creatures immune to mind affecting effects anymore
-Fixed durations for Confusion and Song of Discord spells, so they are properly doubled when Extended
-Several fixes to Creeping Doom spell:
*fixed a bug, when swarm would sometimes ignore valid target
*dispelling won't remove just visuals, but continuous damage too
*you won't get a miss, if to-hit roll is equal to enemy AC
*implemented auto-hit on natural roll of 20 and auto-miss on natural roll of 1
-Several fixes to Crushing Despair:
*it won't affect caster, if targeted on area without enemies
*it will be dispelled properly (no leftover effects anymore)
*skill penalties included, that were missing
*will not affect targets immune to mind affecting effects
-Several fixes to Cure line of spells (includes potions too):
*no more maximum damage healed on difficulties higher then Normal
*on Normal or Easy difficulty, healing maximum damage will now work on all party members (and not only on currently controlled character)
*Maximize metamagic will now properly maximize damage healed (maximum on Hardcore or greater, twice the maximum on Normal or Easy)
*Augmented Healing feat will not add bonus healing to potions, scrolls and other items used by character having this feat
-Disintegrate will get its beam effect shown, even for missed or resisted targets (like it's done with most other ray spells)
-Fixed a bug, when Dismissal would skip some creatures in the spell area, if some targets get banished. Also, from now on, this spell will properly banish death-immune creatures
-Fixed Earthquake, to not apply knockdown and spell failure effects to the caster on Hardcore difficulty anymore
-Fixed Energy Drain, so it requires ranged touch attack to make target gain negative levels
-Added missing beam visual for Enervation (similar to one used for Energy Drain)
-Fixed Entangle, so that it can affect more then a single target in first round. Also, when cast, neutral NPC in area won't become hostile for a few seconds anymore
-For Evard's Black Tentacles, implemented auto-hit on natural roll of 20 and auto-miss on natural roll of 1
-Fixed Feeblemind, so ability loss is properly Maximized (instead of multiplied by 4)
-Fixed Flame Arrow, Isaac's Lesser/Greater Missile Storm and Magic Missile, so that they don't burn Spell Mantles with each missile, but only once per casting
-Several fixes to Ghoul Touch spell:
*fumes emitted by paralyzed target will reduce attack bonus properly (not just damage, saves and skills)
*fumes will not affect caster on Hardcore difficulty anymore (otherwise, this spell would always try to harm caster, due to being in range)
*fumes will not affect targets immune to poison
*fumes will now dissipate, if target is freed from paralysis
-Fixed Grease, so that movement reduction effect always gets applied (no save)
-Fixed Heal and Harm, so they require touch attack on hostile targets. Also fixed a bug when Harm would not heal friendly undead on Normal or lower difficulty
-Fixed a bug, when Ice Storm would not injure all creatures in the area of effect, in case some targets died from this spell
-Several fixes to Infestation of Maggots spell:
*will not affect targets immune to disease
*won't be possible anymore to get living characters with Constitution score of zero
*game difficulty lower then Hardcore will only protect player controlled characters from dying by Constitution damage, and not their enemies too
-Fixed Invisibility Sphere, so that sphere ends if invisibility is canceled on caster
-Fixed a bug with both Isaac's Missile Storm spells, when if cast on area with both friends and enemies, some missiles would get lost
-Several fixes to Mass Charm Monster spell:
*it will properly charm twice caster HD in creatures, not twice caster HD minus one
*if player controlled character is affected, only he will get Dazed, and not several other creatures too
*it won't affect friendly targets anymore (including caster) on Hardcore difficulty, since it does not make sense (they already fight for you and attack your enemies)
-Several fixes to Mass Cure/Heal spells (including Warpriest variations)
*they won't damage friendly undead on Hardcore difficulty, if they are not in area of effect
*Mass Heal won't heal enemies (just like other mass cure spells)
*Mass Heal will get proper visuals (no inflict graphics on targets), and will properly remove "wounding" effect
*Mass Cure Serious Wounds will roll 3d8, instead of 4d8 for damage healed
*Mass Cure spells will use Will save, instead of Fort when battling undead (like all other Cure spells)
*Mass Cure spells, when used for healing, will gain bonus from Augmented Healing feat
*Warpriest Mass Cure Light Wounds will properly be Empowered or Maximized
-Fixed Melf's Acid Arrow, so continuous damage has correct duration (not 1 round less). Also, if Acid Arrow misses the target, it will not cancel continuous damage from previously cast Acid Arrow anymore
-Several fixes to Meteor Swarm spell:
*spell resistance won't be checked twice when targeting ground or caster
*when targeting ground, targets closer to center will always roll properly for higher damage and vice versa
-Fixed Mind Fog, so it will not affect targets immune to mind affecting effects
-Fixed Mirror Image, so it can be properly dispelled (no single image per dispel). Also, Maximize metamagic will now work as it should, and won't add just 4 images
-Fixed Moon Bolt, so it can be properly Extended, Empowered or Maximized
-Added missing melee touch check for Poison spell
-Fixed Ray of Enfeeblement to work properly (was not giving any Strength penalty before)
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