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-Fixed Scare, so that it can affect multiple targets correctly, and that fear on them can be properly dispelled (no leftover effects after area dispel)
-Several fixes to Shroud of Flame:
*won't stack with itself anymore
*will be dispelled properly (and not just visuals)
*metamagics will work properly in following rounds (won't depend from other spells cast)
-Fixed Spell Breach and Mordenkainen's Disjunction spells, so they will be able to remove Least Spell Mantle
-There were several bugs with Storm Avatar electrical damage bonus:
*bonus was not applied when using weapons with damage bonus
*it was only added to single weapon/creature attack
The only way, to make this work properly, was to change damage bonus to be applied to the caster, instead of to his weapon
-Fixed Storm of Vengeance, so that same damage doesn't get applied to all targets in the round (now damage is rolled for each target separately)
-Fixed Sunburst, so that single Reflex save protects against damage, blindness and Vampire death (instead of rolling 3 separate saves)
-Fixed stacking issue with Swamp Lung spell, since casting on already affected target could remove old effects without applying new ones (on successful save)
-Fixed Tasha's Hideous Laughter and Weird, so they will not affect targets protected by Protection from Good/Evil, if it should apply
-Fixed Vampiric Touch, so it gets properly Maximized (drains 6HP per die, instead of 8)
-Fixed Camouflage version of Vine Mine spell, so it won't try to Entangle the target every round
-Fixed Hamper Movement version of Vine Mine spell, so it won't stack movement decrease every round
-Several fixes to Entangle version of Vine Mine spell:
*it won't try to affect targets already entangled with it
*it won't skip targets with Woodland Stride feat
*it will be possible to affect targets on first round
-Fixed Vitriolic Sphere, to make metamagics work properly in following rounds (won't depend from other spells cast)
-Fixed Wall of Fire, so that damage dealt gets capped properly at 2d6+20 (and not at just 20)

Invocation fixes:

-Fixed Brimstone Blast, so flame visual won't be dispelled anymore
-Fixed Frightful Blast, so it can be properly dispelled (no leftover effects anymore)
-Fixed an issue with using same Eldritch Blast essence on already affected target, when succeeding the save would remove first effect
-Fixed Eldritch Blast visuals, so that ray effect gets shown even for missed or resisted targets (like it's done with most other ray spells)
-Fixed Eldritch Chain, so it would not arc to secondary targets when primary target was missed. Also, when it arcs, it won't check first secondary target with ranged attack roll twice
-Several fixes to Chilling Tentacles:
*tweaked damage and paralytic effects of tentacles to happen sooner (otherwise it could happen to get affected by tentacles after already exiting the area)
*implemented auto-hit on natural roll of 20 and auto-miss on natural roll of 1
-Fixed area dispel checks for Devour Magic and Voracious Dispelling (previously, area dispel almost never worked)
-Several fixes to Tenacious Plague:
*prevented stacking on already affected targets
*fixed a bug, when swarm would sometimes ignore valid target
*dispelling won't remove just visuals, but continuous damage too
*you won't get a miss, if to-hit roll is equal to enemy AC
*implemented auto-hit on natural roll of 20 and auto-miss on natural roll of 1

Fixes to creature or class abilities:

-Fixed Cones of Acid, Fire and Frost used by some creatures, so that saving successfully from their damage won't make other targets in area get even less damage
-Fixed Dragon Breath for Black and Red Dragons, so that damage is rolled for each target, instead applying same value to all targets
-Fixed Fear auras used by some creatures (dragons included), to prevent characters immune to fear or mind effects from getting penalties
-Fixed Ghast and Hezrou stench auras to not affect creatures immune to poison
-Fixed Barbarian Rage, so resting during rage won't give fatigue penalties afterwards
-Fixed Dragon Breath ability of Red Dragon Disciples, so that damage is rolled for each target, instead applying same value to all targets. Also removed spell resistance check, since Supernatural abilities should ignore SR (was already true, but only for non-AI cast breath)
-Fixed Song of Heroism, so Bard won't be "in pain" when casting it on friendly target
-Fixed Warlock's Fiendish Resilience, so it will regenerate specified amount of health per round, instead per second

Skill fixes:

-Fixed Use Magic Device check for casting from scrolls, so it will only get triggered when scroll class restrictions were not met (prevents an issue when non-arcane casters with Rogue levels or UMD skill were forced to roll this check even for scrolls with spells from their own class)

Targeting fixes (spells.2da):

-Fixed Dismissal, Scare and Song of Discord, so that they can target ground properly
-Fixed Lesser Planar Binding and Planar Binding, so they can target hostile outsiders
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