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Круг Мувиторов

Group Created by Vitar

Originally formed as an elite munch club (generally comparable with the Dimiasus Family) The Circle Of Movitors is now conceived to be a group of players who aim to master both roleplaying and building (which is, in fact, our understanding of munchkin) although one should admit that the latter is a must while the former is supplementary. This is due to one of the goals that we pursue - to create a well-organized unrivalled PVP team. Since The Circle Of Movitors is very young, we are still in the long process of elaborating the basic grounds for future activities. The most important thing about the Movitors to remember is that what we value most is respect and what we despise most is stubborn ignorance unwilling to learn.

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  1. Melshin
    22.06.2008 07:52
    movitor.clan.su - ObCY]I[DAEM CbOP. IILAC EIILE IIMbI PA3OIIIJIYU.
  2. elfusat
    16.06.2008 11:14
    gigi vot ya topoi na invaiti ne smotrel =)
  3. Vitar
    14.06.2008 18:21
    Prowu vseh zayti na forum gruppy i otpisatsa. Kto ne znaet adresa - stu4ite v asku/li4ku.
  4. Nuligen
    09.06.2008 20:08
    kak-to pusto, mozhet est temy dlya obsuzhdenya?
  5. Nuligen
    09.06.2008 20:07
    ???-?? ?????.. ????? ???? ??? ?????????)

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